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(Pronounced schoo’-lo-gy)
Schoology » General Info:

Important Points Regarding Schoology:

  • SCHOOLOGY WEBSITE: http://www.schoology.com

  • There is no need to sign up for this service. An account has been established for every student in the District. Please use your assigned District email address and corresponding password to log on to Schoology.

  • Your teachers will provide you with his/her unique Access Code to join the class. It will be your responsibility to "Join" your classes so that you have access to your homework assignments. This will be a one-time setup for each of your classes.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Although teachers may assign grades to the homework assignments in Schoology, the official assignment grades will be recorded in Genesis not on Schoology.

  • Schoology is based on a social media platform. As such, there are expected features that should be available to individual accounts. However, to minimize potential mis-postings, students will have restricted posting, search and editing functionalities.

  • At this time, individual parent accounts will not be established. We will reconsider this position once the system is fully implemented in the district.

  • Please be mindful that this is a shared District resource. This means that both Ramapo and Indian Hills faculty members and students are together in the same community.

  • Unfortunately, the "SEARCH" function for People and Courses is not available to students.

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